The hypocrisy is killing me…

When President Obama was first elected in 2008, there was a euphoria of joy and relief that most of his supporters felt, including me. It was going to be the end of unnecessary wars and foreign interventions. It was going to mark the end of the Guanatonomo Bay detainee camp. The end of the Patriot Act. The way that the pro-peace constituency fought for all these things made me proud. It made me proud that US foreign policy will finally be friendly to the world and cooperative.

So consider me surprised when Guantanamo was never closed, when Obama extended the Patriot Act with even more violations of US citizen’s rights (e.g. NDAA authorization), when he droned more people than his predecessor, when he and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, extended US foreign interference in Libya and Syria. Let’s also not forget that Obama directly authorized the illegal NSA surveillance that Edward Snowden rightfully exposed. Snowden proved that the Executive Branch (e.g. Obama) broke the law and violated the 4th amendment, or more importantly than the US Constitution, our human right to privacy.

Where were all these anti-war protestors when Obama was clearly a continuation of President Bush? Nowhere to be seen! I would hear the following poor excuses when I would call out Obama with so-called progressives: “well Hilawe, Obama is doing his best and he’s a good guy, can’t you see that?”, “he’s certainly not as bad as Bush”, “it’s because of the Republicans”, or they would sit in silence looking at me like I said something sacrilegious. It’s especially baffling to them because I don’t qualify for the perceived checklist of an Obama critic: 1) white male 2) alt-right wacko.

The hypocrisy of the progressive movement is even crazier when you consider that supposedly peace-loving citizens want to see an escalation of hostilities with Russia because of CIA reports of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections. The same CIA that pushed the “yellow cake” story or Uranium enrichment by Saddam in Iraq which turned out to be an outright lie. When Obama supported the anti-Russian Ukranian parties causing a civil war in that country, it forced Russia to annex Crimea (which was given to Ukraine by Stalin) before they lost access to the Black Sea. This is something that the US would have done if it was in Russia’s shoes and was about to lose access to the Panama Canal by a hostile force, for example. Right before Obama left office a few days ago, he placed more US troops on the border of Russia in the Baltic States, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. So now that a so-called progressive is doing the sabre-rattling, escalating tensions with a nuclear power and toppling secular regimes abroad, it’s all good.

After it was all said and done, President Obama was just another shill for the establishment. More importantly, he taught me that my success, happiness or fulfillment will never be determined by any politician. That whoever is in political office is not as important but it is my interactions and relationships with my family and friends that truly matters. I will always appreciate, however, that he was a good family man and he personally behaved like an adult throughout his Presidency.

You could say that I’ve left the matrix thanks to President Obama. Never will I fall for the hopes and dreams of ANY politician out there to control the populace and manipulate them like sheep.

“To see the farm is to leave it.”

3 thoughts on “The hypocrisy is killing me…

  1. Couldn’t have said it better. I think our only hope was with Kennedy. The;y killed him for trying. I have said many times that other people will not determine if I am happy or not. My family and my god will always come first. I don’t have to tell you about all the crazy on Facebook. I delete most of it. People have gone crazy. I don’t recognize this America. Disagree with someone and you get your head smashed in, you loot, you say foul things. I want my old America back.


    1. Thanks for the support Bernadette and you’re so right. Free speech and peaceful exchange of ideas are not welcomed anymore. Whoever is really in charge is doing a great of job of dividing and conquering us. In my opinion, peace, decency and humanity come before political affiliations and leader worship.


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