My predictions on the first term of a Trump presidency.

I’m not going to comment on what I think of President Trump except that the man is a marketing genius who perfected the right message to get elected with an electoral college system. He certainly lives by the motto, “to win the game, learn the rules of the game first.” Everything else is irrelevant if you saw my last post, I don’t depend on any politician to affect who I am as a person or my well-being. However, I find it entertaining to make predictions and commentaries on what will happen in the next 4 years of a Trump presidency.


  1. There will be a major recession which I think is way past due based on the business cycle. There will be nothing Trump can do about it. The current major spike in overall stock prices will make the fall that much harder. Trump will initially be blamed for all of it but he will fight back with his bread and butter weapons of choice: illegal immigrants and Muslims. Ultimately if the recession is sustained for too long, he will very likely lose his majority support in Congress and possibly a second term.
  2. He will bring back a lot of large corporations from overseas if his one-time corporate tax clemency is passed in combination with a substantial drop in the existing corporate tax rate from the nominal 35% to 15-20%. This will be his shining achievement and he will have bipartisan support for this. If there’s anything positive he’ll be remembered for, this will be it.
  3. Based on some of his cabinet picks, expect several outlandish scandals that even Trump’s twitter tirades cannot fight back. Every presidency has its share of scandals but I believe Trump’s appointees will have a lot more than normal. I believe this because his cabinet picks are not well-known in the politico-sphere and have not been previously vetted. Admittedly,  the word “vetted” is a loaded term considering that well-known politicians are embroiled in scandal regularly.
  4. Inevitably, it will be confirmed or highly suspected, even by Trump’s supporters, that Trump is directly profiting from his real estate empire using his power as the President. There’s no way that Trump and his kids, who are supposed to be running all business affairs for him, will not “talk shop” while over dinner or go on vacation. Of course, Trump is going to secretly run his business from afar. He’s the definition of “control thy destiny” and there’s no way anyone else will control his business 100%, not even his kids.
  5. At a press conference or some other public gathering, Trump will say something so egregious that his reputation will never recover. Up until now, he’s been able to come out on top despite his controversial comments. But I believe he will eventually lose his cool once and unleash words that even his most staunch supporters can’t play off. I think that either a reporter or a protester will be the one to trip him up.
  6. Trump’s love affair with Putin will eventually wane. Trump will find out that Putin is not to be trusted under any situation. I just hope that the two find a way to stop the escalation of hostilities and have a detente of sort.

Over and out.


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